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A total of 176 women in the eight participating communities met eligibility criteria. One community and its 16 participants withdrew from the study prior to randomisation. Without subsampling, in the remaining seven communities, we allocated 84 women to the intervention arm and the remaining 71 were allocated to a control arm .

  • In 1963, through a friend, I got a job working as a babysitter and maid in Escuintla.
  • The World Bank’s technical assistance from 2018 to 2020 helped strengthen the capacity of Guatemala’s Ministry of Education to collect, manage, analyze, and use high-quality statistical information and pilot the use of an early warning system to identify at-risk students.
  • In Guatemala, many people from the indigenous Qeqchi community are marginalised and struggle to get even basic medical attention, all because they do not speak Spanish.
  • Yet, when she moved to the capital to continue her studies at the age of 15, she stopped in order to blend in, feel less discriminated and be less prone to catcalling.
  • While these efforts clearly make an impact in the lives of the women in Friendship Bridge’s programs, the organization also strives to expand its offerings to address one of the broadest scale issues Guatemala faces — migration.

She testified in countless cases of human rights violations in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Organization of American States. Helen has received countless accolades for her advocacy work, including the Notre Dame Award by Public Service in Latin America, the Human Rights Award from the King of Spain, and the Right Livelihood Award. Nutrition is improving, which will ultimately boost maternal and infant survival rates and the overall health of the community. The Second Land Administration Project helped improve land tenure security for close to one million people (51 % of which are women) and resolve land conflicts. More than 1,600 indigenous families received titles and four communities benefited from communal land certification, a historic precedent set by the Project, which closed in 2015.

We calculated the predicted probability that indigenous women would use each service by applying the weighted means for each of the characteristics among the indigenous women in our sample. Here, other control variables were set to their respective weighted means for the entire sample. Each value was sequentially replaced by the weighted mean for each of the variables of the ladina sample to calculate the predicted probability that indigenous women would have used the service if they had possessed the characteristic that was typical of ladina women. The residual represents the coefficient estimate of being indigenous in model 6; it consists of unknown characteristics associated with being indigenous that cannot be explained by the variables included in the model. Guatemala has one of the highest rates of femicide in the world, and in a two-year period ending in 2016, more than 2,000 women were murdered.

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Myrna Mack Chang was an anthropologist of Chinese and Mayan descent who worked for the rights of Indigenous peoples during Guatemala’s civil war. Luisa Moreno, born Blanca Rosa Lopez Rodrigues in 1907 into a wealthy family in Guatemala City. She later rejected her elite status and became a labor and civil rights activist in the United States.

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One young leader expressed, “I am happy, because now I am no longer afraid . Initially I was very anxious, but after a while it became easier, and the women liked all the sessions, and some of them now come to me to talk about their problems”.

“There was no training or guidance for us, so we felt inferior to men. But it is not like that now. Men are beginning to understand that we have this right to participate, that we are equal.” ActionAid runs disaster workshops which help prepare communities for droughts, earthquakes, floods, forest fires and landslides. Here people can learn about the measures they should take to protect themselves and their families, for example, identifying a safe place to take shelter. Children draw maps of their communities marked with the areas of risk – such as rivers and forests – and areas that are safe for evacuation. The northern state of Petén is now one of the most dangerous places for women in the whole of Central America. By running workshops to teach women about the laws in place to protect them and how to report acts of violence safely, we’re helping women fight violence in their daily lives.

Overall, there seems to be a historical knowledge gap between Ancient Mayan Civilization time and the Guatemalan internal armed conflict that lasted from 1960 until 1996. Grassroots organisations like Mujerave, who are mission bound to operate through a gender-specific lens, also play a role in dismantling the patriarchy in Guatemala and beyond. Mujerave’s workshops explore the imbalance of access to resources for women in Guatemala and bring seldom discussed topics like sexism and interfamilial violence into the open.

Once when I was with my mother, I noticed how I was, and I told my sister and she told my mother. I went to a friend’s, the one with the soft-drink stand and told her my problem, and I worked with her for room and board. After that, I came once again to work in Escuintla, in a soft-drink stand. He studied in the capital and his parents paid for him to stay in a boarding house. We lived, on what his parents sent us, in a small room that didn’t have a place to cook so we bought our meals. There were times when I worked extra hours and then I would earn twenty quetzales a month. But I didn’t continue in the factory because he didn’t like me to work.

Remaining names were allocated to the control group with a delayed circle intervention. Each item scores on a scale from zero (I can’t do it) to three , allowing for continuous assessment of childcare self-efficacy, self-care self-efficacy, and total self-efficacy. At enrolment, eligible women gave informed consent, a trained female interviewer administered the questionnaire, and nutritionists Dating Guatemala City measured height and weight of her youngest child. A follow-up home-based assessment used the same questionnaire 1-month post-intervention. All instruments underwent pilot testing and semantic validation in Spanish. As few could read Mam or K’iche’, no Maya translations were performed; instead, data collectors agreed on vocabulary to be used with non-Spanish speakers.

We know that leaders like Nanci are key to strengthening democracy and making a long-lasting impact in their country. “NIMD has given me the tools to strengthen my political knowledge and leadership,” says Nanci Paola Chiriz Sinto, a young leader who promotes and defends the collective and individual rights of women and indigenous peoples in Guatemala. She became the National Secretary for Youth for Winaq, a political movement with roots in the indigenous communities of Guatemala. All contraceptives are purchased using study funds and are sourced from a local provider of contraceptive medications and devices.

A meta-analysis combining trials from high-income countries and two LMICs (India , China ) suggests that individual, multi-contact, and interpersonal therapy-based interventions may be most effective in preventing postnatal depression . A recent meta-analysis of psychological interventions delivered by non-specialist mental health care providers in LMICs found a pooled reduction in maternal depression, but the heterogeneity of approaches did not permit comparisons between modalities .

The effects of the civil war and the genocide continue to be felt by the Ixil people—especially women, which is why MUIXIL works to empower Indigenous Guatemalan women. Nanci shows her commitment to Guatemala through everything she does. Her life and her work to promote women’s rights and empower indigenous communities resonate strongly with NIMD.

Quintela, a Spanish journalist, ended up in Guatemala eight years ago. Today, she is a member of the team running the most important independent news portal in the country, Ocote.

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We’re pleased to have Kody Gerkin, Author and Founder of Mujerave, to write a special feature article on the links between poverty, migration and violence against women and girls in Guatemala. Many women have had enough of being seen as targets for violence and having to fear for their lives every day. In early March, thousands of Guatemalan women got behind the campaign “Tengo Miedo” (“I am scared”) and took to the streets in protest against sexual violence. Rigoberta Menchú soon became involved in social reform activities through the Catholic Church, and became prominent in the women’s rights movement when still only a teenager.